Trough strict selection among single sliced board, the design and uniformity of the flooring reach satisfying result

sterfic applies Uv cured finish among which the wearable layer reaches the degree higher than 40g/m2 and can ensure good resistance to wear.£¨under normal condition, wearability life can reach more than 20 years.£©

sterfic¡¯s slicing technology offers a good way for the success of flooring and the protection of global natural forest. The chemical material such as glue and paint adopted by Sterfic are EP and healthy type that can ensure you a healthy dwelling environment.

For hi-tech product, every production step is very important. Sterfic applies strict QC to each production step from selection of the original wood, the cutting of cutting tool to the wearability of coat film and great energy is devoted to every detail. So each piece of flooring from Sterfic has good quality assurance.
Sterfic multilayer wood flooring has a precision smaller than a hair. The precision enables it to achieve regular and smooth flooring surface which will not change during its shelf life.
          The features of the high technology for Sterfic multi-layer wood flooring
  The mechanical performance of the multi-layer flooring is easy to observe. The hard-wood layer and the basal material move to the opposite direction, which ensures the stability of the multi-layer flooring in the aspect of structure. We need to explore deeply to some issues to obtain the best stability.
stabilization factors Study on the feature of different species that expansion occurs under wet condition and shrinkage under dry condition showed that there was great difference in the stability between them. For example, the stability of teak is the best among all the natural species, therefore it is very popular. When the stability mechanism of teak was studied, it was found to have some special elements which Sterfic called stabilization factors. We introduced the stabilization factors into
the production process of Sterfic to help Sterfic flooring gain
super strong stability perfor mance.
Hard-wood layer The timber Sterfic chose after careful
examination boasts of its nice fiber formula, which reduce the distortion rate to the least.
Dehydrating In contrast with the conventional dehydrating, this unique dehydrating technique ensures the wood block a precise and proper rate of moisture containing, which improves its stability a great deal.
         High Quality Multiplayer wood flooring

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