It is said in the Bible when Lord God created the earth,out of the ground made the LORD God to grow every tree that is pleasant to the sight. Sterfic has been bending itself to wood study and strive to break through tradition and create newer and more scientific technology to produce sterfic multilayer wood flooring more perfect than nature to be enjoyed by the whole Europe and even more people from the whole world.

The traditional processing of flooring adopted the way of sawing which wasted a lot of wood; on one hand the rare wood resource becomes shorter and shorter, while the need for flooring is increased steadily; sawing is hard to ensure the unification of color and the aberration resulted in brings about inconvenience to laying. Now engineers from Sterfic developed a kind of brand new processing wayí¬slicing to replace sawing. Multilayer wood flooring is made by way of cutting the rare wood into slices and the laying result is more perfect due to the similar texture and color. While the most important is that the stability of the flooring is enhanced because of the similar fiber structure. After numerous thorough study and practice, Sterific made super stable Sterfic multilayer wood flooring with its unique slicing technology which is kept as secret. Its weather resistance is much better than real wood flooring.

So far, the fine, original and unique flooring manufacturing way of Sterfic is still a mythology in the flooring industry. To feast you with more perfect natural flooring is always the impetus, which pushes Sterfic to go forward. Sterfic multi-layer wood flooringis your ideal choice.


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